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When I was just five, I went to a royal ball with Prince Charles

When I was just five, I went to a royal ball with Prince Charles

I went on to become the oldest ever female tennis player, at age 23.

I played for Wimbledon for two years and lost in the quarter-finals of the final.

But I was determined to do better, and that’s what led to my first career tournament win.

It all began in the 1970s when I was 16.

I had just left a boarding school in India for a year, and my parents moved back to the UK to live with me and my older sister.

I lived in a house with three other girls, and it was a great time, but we had no money.

We couldn’t afford clothes.

We had no clothes.

We had just moved to London, but my sister was living with her mum in a nearby town, so I had to work and I would work and she had to stay at home.

So I was playing tennis and doing well, and the older girls started getting jealous of me and started talking to me.

I was very shy and very quiet.

So one day I was sitting in the kitchen and one of the girls, who was 15 or 16, said: “Do you want to be my tennis coach?”

So I said yes and they said: ”We don’t care about your age.”

And that’s how I became a tennis coach.

And that’s when I started playing at 17.

It was all very difficult for me.

It was a very lonely life.

I’d had problems in my family, I was struggling with my sexuality.

But there was also a lot of love and affection from my family and from the local community, which was a lot more supportive than it was before.

I did a lot to help the community.

And my mum and my father also came to the game with me.

When I was a child, my mum had no idea about what it was like to be a woman, so when I went out on the court with my friends and they were all boys, she was really shocked, she thought, ”Oh my god, this is not right.”

I’d played tennis at the school and we had a little match in our school in the morning, and at night, the girls would play together and they’d all play with each other and she was a little bit upset, because I’d never been in a match like that.

But then I thought, maybe I can make this sport better, I think I can.

I’m doing a lot.

I was a good player, but I wasn’t good enough.

I could not play a match.

I couldn’t compete.

I think that’s why my dad, who has a great background in coaching, took me out to play.

It wasn’t easy, because my mother would have had no problem with me playing, but she was very much against it.

I think that made it a very difficult transition.

And then the other thing that happened was that my father went into the army in the late 1960s.

He was a general and he came home with a lot on his conscience and he said to me: ”Do you understand, my son, that I am a man of God and I want you to help me get to the top of this game?”

So I started to help him.

I would come home and my mum would be watching TV, and I’d say: ”What is going on in this country?”

And she’d be like: ”That’s all a big lie.”

And I’d start to think, ”OK, well, I’ll go and see my GP and see if he’ll be able to help with my education, or maybe my education is just going to be in a classroom and not a tournament.”

So I would go and visit him, and he’d go and help me out, and then I’d go back to school.

And the same thing happened when I did my PhD. So when I finished, I had a lot in my life that I didn’t know how to spend it.

So at the time I was thinking, ‘How am I going to spend my life now?”’

So one day, at the age of 16, I found out that I was pregnant with my first child.

I went down to a GP to have a scan, and in the end they said, ‘It’s not the problem you think it is.’

So I had the scan done.

I had been working very hard for my career, but the moment I saw the picture of me, I knew I was doing something right.

And I didn, so then I went and got my first tennis match and I lost to a young man in a tennis match.

And the following year I won my first Wimbledon championship.

And then I became an Olympic gold medallist.

And so it has been an incredible journey.

But what really started me going to tournaments was when I met this beautiful lady who lived in my village

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