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The King of Rap, the man behind the king of roses, is a crooner who is now in jail for being gay, according to a new book

The King of Rap, the man behind the king of roses, is a crooner who is now in jail for being gay, according to a new book

A man who once sang about being gay is behind bars in India for being a croone who is currently serving a life sentence for “being gay.”

A King of Roses is the title of the new book by journalist Vikram Rajan that details the life and rise of legendary singer and musician Keshav Prasad Prasath.

The author says that Keshaj Prasast had been living as a gay man for decades and was actually a king of flowers.

He was born in a village in Gujarat and was educated at an elite private school in New Delhi, before becoming a famous crooner.

Prasast was arrested by Indian authorities on January 11 for allegedly “indecent acts” and later released after spending five months in jail.

The singer was also arrested in 2007 for allegedly killing an old woman.

In the new memoir, published by Indian magazine Alavi, Prasap has been a “lovely prince” who was “a man of his time, a true lover of his people, and a king in love with his music.”

He was “not one of us, a man of the past, nor a man who should have ever been in prison.”

Prasap was arrested for allegedly being a homosexual and was jailed for 15 years in 2008 for “possession of obscene materials” for his music.

Prasatas family is still fighting for his release.

In his memoir, Pratap writes that he was arrested and jailed for “public indecency” and was forced to “be celibate for 15 days.”

“It was an ordeal, like being arrested by police in a foreign country,” Prasaps wife Anjali Prasaj said.

“I was crying all the time.

He (Prasat) was the only one who came home after his 15 days.

He never came home.”

Prasaap was sentenced to 15 years on January 16, 2020 and released on February 6, 2020.

He is now back in the UK.

A spokesperson for the British government told The Times of India that Prasats release had been “disappointing.”

“Mr Prasakas imprisonment is a sad commentary on the UK’s outdated approach to gay rights and discrimination,” the spokesperson said.

“MrPrasav has been an outspoken champion of the LGBT community and his imprisonment is yet another example of how homophobia continues to infect our country.”

Prashant Kaleem, the editor-in-chief of the Times of Indian, told CNN that he thought Prasaras imprisonment was a “big deal” but said that his book was “worth reading.”

“Prasars life and his music have been the subject of countless documentaries and films over the years, including the best-selling documentary, King of Flowers, and countless television programmes,” Kaleeme said.

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