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The Lad, the Bible’s foremost authority on Jesus of Nazareth, says Jesus died a natural death

The Lad, the Bible’s foremost authority on Jesus of Nazareth, says Jesus died a natural death

The Lad is one of the Bible ‘s most renowned authority on the life and death of Jesus of the Nazarenes.

But in an interview with The Times of Israel, the Lad, an Englishman who is not Jewish, said the Christ who died a man was not a divine figure.

“Jesus died a violent death.

That’s the only way he could die,” he said.

“No one can deny that.”

The Lad was asked about his interpretation of the biblical text that says Jesus of Galilee was born in a tomb in Nazareth and died a martyr, then resurrected.

The Gospel of Luke, he said, makes it clear that Jesus died in a natural manner.

He said he was not surprised to find the Lad is a Jew.

“If I were a Jew, I would say, ‘Yes, but you are wrong.””

The Lad’ is one man’s view on Jesus’ lifeThe Lad, a rabbi who is from Poland, has published two books on Jesus: Jesus the Christ and Jesus the Martyr.

The Lad’s views on Jesus are the views of a Christian who has been a follower of Jesus for almost 40 years.

In one of his books, The Lad: The Biblical Jesus, he wrote: “There is no question that Jesus of Bethlehem died a terrible death, that he was tortured and crucified.”

But the Lad believes Jesus is the Messiah, not the Christ.”

He was not born of a virgin.

He was not the son of God,” the Lad said.

When asked what he believed about Jesus, the man who calls himself the Lad wrote:”The Messiah did not come from a virgin, nor was he born in Nazara.

He died a brutal, violent death in the desert, a natural way.

“In the interview with the Times of Israelis, the Messiah was also asked if he thought Jesus was the Messiah.”

That was the reason why he died.” “

He is a human being who is a prophet.

That was the reason why he died.”

‘There is nothing in this Gospel that makes me think he is God’The Gospel is a historical document and so there is no God.

“There are nothing in the Gospel that says God is the Christ,” the man said.

He added that the Bible doesn’t say Jesus is a god.

“In my opinion, there is nothing that makes any difference to me about Jesus of Judaea,” he wrote.

This is not the first time the Lad has said the Messiah is not God.

In 2009, he was interviewed by The New York Times and said: There is absolutely nothing in that Gospel that would suggest God.

I am not saying that Jesus Christ is God, I am saying that he did not have any divine attributes, and he was crucified for no good reason.

He was also quoted in the New York Post as saying that, while there is a divine element in the way that Jesus rose from the dead, he did so on the basis of his own will.

“When I say that I believe in Jesus, I don’t mean to say that God was involved.

God was never involved,” he was quoted as saying.

On the same day, the Manichean Jesus was published, the Hebrews wrote: “The Manicheans are mistaken in their notion that the Messiah has any divine attribute whatsoever.”‘

Jesus is a person with a body, not a god’When the Lad was interviewed in 2009, the Rabbi said: I have never heard anyone who has read my books say that Jesus is God.”

No one has said, ‘He’s a person in a body.”’

“But it is not impossible for someone to have a physical body, it is impossible for a person to have an identity.

It is impossible that a person can be called the Messiah.”

The Lad said he had a lot of respect for the Jewish people.

“I have a very close relationship with the Jewish community,” he told the Times.

“I have met them many times.”

The Lad has written books on the history of Judaism and the Bible, and was invited to teach at the Jewish college where he teaches.

A native of Poland, he is a member of the Rabbinical Council of Britain and has taught for many years at the Rabbis for Humanistic Judaism, which he founded in 1995.

I am not a Jew and I don`t believe in a god, but I have a strong feeling that God is real and I have always felt that it was a great mistake for the world to have such an error in the world.

There are many, many ways that people could be wrong about Jesus.

He said the Gospel of Matthew is not accurate.”

It’s very wrong.”He added:””

The whole Gospel of Mark is very inaccurate.

It’s very wrong.”He added:”

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