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How to tie a floral harness: The simple, sexy way

How to tie a floral harness: The simple, sexy way

In a nutshell, a floral tie is just a simple elastic strap with an elastic cord attached. 

A floral harness has a cord that runs through the front and is tied with the knot in the back. 

You can also use a crochet hook or sewing needle to attach the floral knot to the floral strap. 

This is a simple and easy way to tie floral knots, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully and follow the steps of this tutorial to ensure your knot is secure. 

Here are the instructions you’ll need to tie the floral harness to the dress: Place floral lace, tulip or other floral decoration around the floral fabric of the dress. 

Using the crochet hook, sew the floral lace onto the floral cord. 

Gently push the floral stitch into the crochet cord to tighten it. 

Once it’s tightened, pull the elastic fabric tight around the lace. 

Turn the lace over, and repeat the process with the other floral design on the dress or another floral decoration. 

Make sure your floral lace is tightly packed and don’t allow the lace to come loose while you’re tying it.

 Tie the floral clasp to the crochet lace.

Tie it again. 

Repeat this process for the remaining floral designs on the floral dress.

 You should now have a floral knot on the flower dress.

If your floral knot isn’t tightly packed, you may need to use a different crochet hook.

Here’s how to do it: Thread a crochet crochet hook through the floral design and into the floral loop of the floral tie. 

Secure the crochet loop with the crochet stitch. 

Attach the floral ribbon to the knot. 

Tighten the knot and pin it in place. 

It’s up to you to attach your floral ribbon. 

I used my crochet hook for this tutorial.

You can use any hook you’d like to tie your floral knots. 

To finish the floral ensemble, pin the floral floral ribbon in place and sew it on the top of the flower lace.

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