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‘I can’t wait to have a florist’: Flowers in the Philippines offer a way out of the Philippines food crisis

‘I can’t wait to have a florist’: Flowers in the Philippines offer a way out of the Philippines food crisis

A florister in the country’s capital Manila has turned a flower shop into a makeshift flower garden for people in need.

Key points:Flowers and bouquets of roses were given away to people in the capital Manila’s Flower Market on SaturdayFlowers were donated by florists in Manila, a city of around 1.2 millionPeople were given the option to bring flowers to the market, with the hope of getting flowers to help the people of the city.

“It’s like a community event, we just do this as a hobby,” said a florian, referring to the handmade flowers.

“This is not a job.

I can’t give this stuff to people who need it.

If I give it to somebody who’s hungry, I might get hungry, too.”

Mr Rios said the flower market had been transformed into a garden.

“People who are living in poverty have nothing to do with flowers,” he said.

“So, this is a way for them to help others.”

The flower market was opened on Saturday, as part of the Manila Flower Festival.

“I am not a floretist, I am a florentine, and I want to provide the same service to people,” Mr Rios explained.

“My idea is that they come to the flower shop, bring flowers, and then we will donate the flowers to these people who are hungry.”

The organisers say it is a positive gesture to offer a community service and show solidarity with the people who have been affected by the crisis.

“Flowers have been a symbol of hope and of unity and of solidarity and they are in a crisis, so why don’t we use them as a symbol for the community to come together?” said Mr Rio.

“I want to use this to spread hope and a message that there are people who can help.”

Mr Cebu-born Rios, who runs the flower stall, said he hopes to continue to grow the flower business in the future.

“We can only grow in this community, and the more people we have, the more flowers we can sell,” he explained.


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