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Australian banks say they are working with local authorities to find another way to close the financial gap

Australian banks say they are working with local authorities to find another way to close the financial gap

ANU students and researchers have released a new software application that uses a computer-generated image of the flowers on a floral harness to determine if a customer can close their accounts.

Key points:The computer-assisted software is designed to help financial institutions find alternative ways to close accountsWhen a customer closes their account, the flowers are scanned and identified by their unique colour and shapeThe company says it is not yet ready to release the software to the publicIt is based on the technology that was used to create the floral harness at the Melbourne Flower Show last month, which has seen more than 1.5 million flowers from around the world being created.

The new software is a collaboration between Australian banks and the Australian Association of Flowers and Nurseries (AFLN).

The software is developed by Melbourne-based Flicker.

It uses the same technology that is used to make the flower harness for the Melbourne show.

Flicker has used the same image from the floral show to create its own software to help the banks identify customers who need to close their account.

Flickers founder, David Hodge, said he wanted to create a way for banks to provide customers with information about their accounts without having to use flower-themed displays or other traditional methods.

“This has been a challenge because of the nature of the flower industry and how flowers look,” Mr Hodge said.

“But in the future, we hope to be able to do things that other banks haven’t tried.”

If you are a bank, or a branch manager, or an accountant, or anybody who needs to work with flowers, we think that this is a way that you can access the data that is not on a flower.

“Mr Hodge is one of a handful of researchers and academics who are working to develop the software, which is being developed by Flicker’s Flicker Group.

It is the result of an online community of flower enthusiasts, who were able to identify patterns and patterns in the floral displays of the Melbourne flower show.

Mr Hirsch said the company had used a dataset from Flicker to find which flower the user could identify.”

We then took that data and put it into a database and then we did this analysis on it, and we used that data to find the flowers that were the most important to us,” he said.”[Then] we then took the flowers, and they came up with the best way to open accounts and the best ways to access them.

“That’s how we got to the conclusion that we could use the same technique to identify accounts in the flower show to identify customers that we would not have known about otherwise.”

Mr Gail Krieger, an associate professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Sydney, said the information provided by the florist could be valuable for a variety of reasons.

“It’s a good way of getting a feel for a particular flower, or identifying a particular colour and the most common type of flowers,” she said.

However, Ms Kriegers said that the information could also be used to target specific accounts.

“You could look at the information in a way where you can use it to target particular accounts that you might want to do a particular thing with, or to help you identify certain accounts that might have been closed and need to be reopened,” she told AM.

“So I think it could be used as a tool to target different kinds of accounts that could be important to you.”

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