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How to tie a dress with a floral knot

How to tie a dress with a floral knot

This DIY tutorial on how to tie your wedding dress to a floral rope will have you saying, “I am so in love!” 

The tutorial shows how you can tie your dress in a way that will be completely natural, with no need for a bride or groom to know what you are doing. 

It is a perfect fit for most occasions, and can also be used for more casual occasions. 

How to tie the floral knot in a dress: 1.

Tie a floral lace pattern in a spiral pattern, or a floral print pattern. 


Place the lace pattern on a lace trim and tie the ends together with a knot. 


You will need to cut the ends off the lace trim in the spiral pattern to make it easy to tie off your lace trim. 


Using a wide, straight or curved hook, you will tie the lace in the triangle pattern. 


You can use a simple knot to tie all the way around the lace. 


Tie the ends of the lace through the knot and you are done! 


If you are using a wedding dress, you can simply sew the lace back on to create a beautiful, full-length bouquet. 


To make this tutorial easy to follow, we have included a tutorial that shows you how to cut out the floral lace patterns for a bouquet, including a tutorial for how to create your own lace patterns. 


This tutorial was designed for the bride and groom to learn how to make their own floral knot using the patterns.

The floral lace trim is not essential, and you can cut the floral trim yourself. 


This floral lace knot can be tied in any direction, but be sure to keep the lace ends as short as possible so that they can be easily removed. 


Use this floral lace to add some elegance and sophistication to your wedding, and a little fun to your guests! 

Photo credit: Instagram/Laurie Wozniak How To Tie a Wedding Dress in a V-shape Pattern: 12.

Use a wide or straight straight line to tie together a flower lace trim (you can cut off the end of the trim to make the pattern easier). 


You need to keep all the ends short enough so that you can easily pull the ends back out with a hook. 


You want to attach the lace to the flower trim by taking a straight edge, pulling it through the lace and tucking it into the lace loop. 


You can then fold the lace up so that the ends are tucked inside the lace (don’t over-fold the lace). 


You don’t need to be very precise with your hook because you can always pull the knot off at any time. 


Attach the lace end to the floral pattern by tying the ends through the flower pattern.


Using a wide hook, take a curved or straight line and tuck the lace into the loop.


Use a wide ribbon or a straight-edged comb to draw a line down the center of the flower lace.


Tie the end through the line of the ribbon and draw a knot at the end. 


Pull the knot from the end and then pull the flower end through to complete the lace knot.


Now you can use the floral hook to attach this lace to your bouquet! 

Video credit: Pinterest/Lambert Gail How Do I Tie a Dress in the Spiral Pattern?  1

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